Amazonite Pendant

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Handmade by local artist Jade’s Jewelry.  She has been wire wrapping and beading for close to 10 years.  Materials in her jewelry are handpicked at local gem and mineral shows as well as Nutz. Her style of jewelry making is minimalistic and done so to accentuate their natural beauty.  Carefully handcrafted and worked in the Hudson Valley.

This piece is made of a small tumbled piece of Amazonite.  Wrapped in silver tone, tarnish free craft wire. (Chain not included)

Length: 1 5/8"

Width: 7/8"

Amazonite is a solid aqua colored stone that can have some white streaks running through it.  Some pieces of this stone have been known to contain a slight reflective sheen. Although it can be found in many mines around the world, amazonite was named for the Amazon river where it was originally found near.  It is a very common stone.

Metaphysical properties: This stone is great for filtering energy at many different levels.  It can absorb negative energy from electronics and protect against it. It is very soothing and calms the brain.  Amazonite can help one to see both sides of a problem. Helps manifest universal love.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*