Fluorite, Rhodochrosite and Titanium Aura Quartz Pendant

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This pendant is handmade by local artist and employee Johnny.  He has been electroforming and metalworking for several years. His pieces are carefully handcrafted with positive intentions worked into every piece.

Fluorite is a calcite rich stone that ranges in color from a soft translucent yellow to electric green to a deep, intense, violet-purple; but it should be noted that these are not the only colors it has been found in. It often has more than one color flowing through a single piece. According to www.minerals.net, pure fluorite is colorless and specimens found in these colors is due to impurities during formation.  It’s well known for its natural octahedral (eight sided) formations. Fluorite also plays a part in the etymology of the word fluorescent because some of it is known to glow quite spectacularly under UV light.

Metaphysical properties: Fluorite is a great stone to protect against unwanted psychic energy.  Helps block electromagnetic frequency when placed near electronics. Some call it the "genius stone" because of its ability to help keep things organized, process information and increase concentration.

Rhodochrosite ranges in color from light pink to salmon with white bands running through it.  In fact the white banding is the one characteristic that many people use to distinguish it from Rhodonite.  This stone is very soft and should be worked with using care.

Metaphysical properties: Connected to the heart chakra, this stone represents selfless love and brings about compassion.  It can help the wearer with relationships and is especially good for those who feel unloved. Known for its ability to help attract soul mates.

Titanium Aura Quartz is a quartz based stone that has been enhanced by man by treating the stone with natural metals.  Some of these metals include gold, platinum, titanium, cobalt, zinc and many more. The bond between the metals is done with a vaporization and heat bonding process and if done properly should not peel off.

Metaphysical properties: This stone activates all of the major energy centers of the body.  It brings vibrant energy and a zest for light. Helps release negative energy in relationships and to let go of deep resentment.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*