Amber Elephant Pendant

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Sterling Silver Amber pendant.

  • ½" x ¾" (Measurement does not include bail)
  • Sterling Sliver
  • Amber

Amber is a very well known and fascinating “semi precious gem”.  It is one of the few used in jewelry that is not actually a mineral at all.  Amber was formed when tree resin became fossilized over 90 million years ago in the Baltic regions, Dominican Republic and Burma.  Sometimes Amber is found in other regions but those areas are the most common.  Some amber has been found with inclusions such as small bugs or plant life, but it is rare.  The color of Amber ranges from a magnificent honey yellow to a deep moss green but is primarily found in the orange tones.  Typically it is translucent but larger pieces may appear foggy due to poor clarity.  It is a very soft material that can be easily scratched or marred if not handled carefully.  Amber jewelry should never be dipped in liquid silver cleaner when polishing and rags treated with silver polish should not be rubbed over the surface of the Amber! This will eat away at the natural shine or smoothness of the piece and make it appear dull.

Metaphysical properties: Amber has a very strong connection to the energy of the earth and is great for grounding.  Known for its filtering quality Amber is often used in situations with lots of negative energy.  It can be used for those seeking help with motivation and drive.  

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*