Bloodstone Pendulum

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Approx: 8" in Length w/chain

Stone Size: 1.5" length - 0.5" width (Slight variations possible)

Bloodstone is a dark green jasper with red speckles of hematite in it. Also known as Heliotrope,  it was widely used in Babylon for it’s magical properties. They believed that it could cause solar eclipses,  make things invisible and preserve youth. Today it is used by many for metaphysical purposes and jewelry making.  Traditionally it was used as the birthstone for March before Aquamarine was assigned to the month.

Metaphysical properties: This stone can be used by the wearer to aid in the detoxifying of the blood, liver, intestine and any other blood rich organs.  It helps anyone looking to tap into their artistic side by increasing creativity. Those doing any work with the heart chakra might want to consider using a piece of this as it helps ground the heart before opening it up to do any meditation or healing work.

Birthstone: March (Secondary)

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*