Hematite Pendulum

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Approx: 11" in Length w/chain

Stone Size: 2" length - 0.5" width (Slight variations possible)

Hematite is a dark gray stone with a metallic finish.  Sometimes this stone can be found with a reddish brown coloration, this is due to high iron content.  The word hematite was derived from the word they used for blood due because of the reddish color mention before.  It was often used for red pigmentation for different dyes and paints. Sometimes hematite can be found in a magnetic form and is used in jewelry that promotes better blood circulation and pain relief.

Metaphysical properties: Hematite is one of the most commonly used stones for grounding and blocking negative energies.  It is highly protective and balances the yin with its powerful yang element. Helpful for those trying to overcome addictions and compulsions.  Known to stimulate concentration, Hematite can help one sort out many problems.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*