Lepidolite - 9.5cm x 7.4cm

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9.5cm x 7.4cm.

Lepidolite is a light purple stone with a shimmery appearance.  In its raw form you can see the thin striated layers from the growth process.  Lepidolite is a very soft stone but can be polished into shaped and loose tumbled pieces.  The polished form looks like it has a grainy texture under the smooth surface.  This mineral is very abundant and is often sourced from the United States as well as the Czech Republic, South America and Madagascar.  

Metaphysical properties: Lepidolite is a great stone for those looking to reduce and relieve stress.  Because of the high content of Lithium people often use it to aid in depression and anxiety.  Those trying to overcome excessive thoughts and addictive tendencies.  If you are trying to gain independence and struggle making decisions, lepidolite encourages focus and will help achieve goals.  This stone is also great for students as it helps stimulate intellect.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*