Polychrome Jasper Sphere - 65mm

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65mm Polychrome Jasper Sphere

Polychrome Jasper, also known as Desert Jasper, has a very recognizable coloration and a nonconforming pattern that makes every single piece truly unique.  Describing the color of this particular Jasper is not easy.  It is often mistaken for Ocean Jasper but has a much warmer color palette showing us warm brown tones, burnt oranges, and deep yellows with some darker green and various shades of gray.  It is very readily available and is sourced out of Madagascar after it’s recent discovery in 2008 while mining for Ocean Jasper.

Metaphysical properties: As most Jaspers do, Polychrome Jasper is known for its ability to help bring tranquility and ease day to day stress.  If you are trying to help learn about yourself or work with inner struggles this stone is great for reaching clarity in this pursuit.

*All metaphysical properties and other information were sourced from thecrystalcouncil.com and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall*