Sunstone Pendant

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Sterling Silver Sunstone pendant.

  • 7/16" in diameter (Measurement does not include bail)
  • Sterling Sliver
  • Sunstone

Sunstone is a light orange to dark orange stone.  Found in many different forms it is often found polished into pieces that show off the subtle flash or glittery effect.  This stone falls into the same family as Labradorite and Rainbow moonstone and is often paired  with one or both of these stones.  It is easily obtained and sourced from a few different mines around the world.  

Metaphysical properties: Sunstone is great for people doing chakra work.  It clears all seven of the chakras and re-energizes them.  This stone brings about a joyful feeling in many aspects of life.  As the name suggests it has a strong connection to the sun.  Sunstone brings about feelings of happiness.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*