Goddess Companion, The

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Turn to The Goddess Companion each day for a clearer insight into how the divine flows through your life. This spirit-nourishing collection of 366 authentic goddess prayers, invocations, chants, and songs was culled from dozens of diverse eras and cultures. Each ancient prayer rings out in clear language that maintains the sacred spirit of the originals. 

·A different traditional prayer, invocation, or chant to the goddess for each day of the year 
·Each is illuminated by readings about the ancient quote that offer rich material for reflection, inspiration, and bliss 
·Multiple indices allow you to find information by goddess name, subject, or cultural origin 
·Explore the goddess as envisioned by 68 different cultures throughout the ages—including the Americas, classical Greece and Rome, Asia, ancient Sumeria and Babylonia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 
·Find prayers that encompass nearly 130 aspects of the goddess, from Aida Weydo and Amaterasu to White Buffalo Calf Woman and Zemyna 
·Use the perpetual calendar to meditate upon one goddess prayer each day

Author: Patricia Monaghan

Pages: 398

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Llewellyn