Tumbled Jet

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Price is per stone. Pieces are roughly 3/4" in size. Natural stone can vary in size and shape and is measured by its longest dimension.

Jet is a black specimen with a very low density.  Relative to its size its lightweight feel often throws people for a loop when they pick it up.  It isn’t actually a mineral but a mineraloid. Composed of that has been exposed to extreme pressure Jet is not far off from being considered Coal.  Found in both raw and polished pieces and readily available, this stone can be sourced worldwide and is found in great abundance in North America. Raw pieces can be fragile so be careful in storing them with heavier pieces.

Metaphysical properties: Jet has been known to be a stone of protection for thousands of years.  It was used to ward off negative entities and its use as a talisman can be placed back to the Stone Age.  Jet must be cleansed after every use as it easily absorbs energy. If you are looking to do Root Chakra work Jet is a perfect place to start because it stimulates the Kundalini.

*All metaphysical properties are sourced from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall unless otherwise specified*