Tumbled Moonstone

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Price is per stone. Pieces are roughly 1/2" in size. Natural stone can vary in size and shape and is measured by its longest dimension.

This is not Rainbow Moonstone, this is considered the Peach Variety and the color varies in each piece naturally.

Moonstone is well known for its iridescent qualities and ranges from pure white to a beautiful peachy-pink but it has also been found in black but it is not as common.  The white variety has solid black speckled through it.  Used through the ages for jewelry and admired by the ancient Romans.  The stones name was derived from the sheen it possesses. The Romans believed that it was the captured rays of the moon, according to the American Gem Trade Association.

Metaphysical properties: All varieties of Moonstone have energy connected to the moon.  It is also used widely for problems relating to the female organs and aids in fertility.  Moonstone represents the divine feminine and helps to balance masculine energy.  Great for psychics as it enhances clairvoyant gifts and intuition.  This stone can help to calm and control emotions.

Secorday birthstone: June